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Ishikawa Prefectural University

Teaching Staff Information

Akira Nakagawa Lecturer


  • E-mail: a-naka[at]ishikawa-pu.ac.jp ※Please change [at] to @

Affiliated Departments
Undergraduate Faculty Research Institute for Bioresources and Biotechnology Laboratory for Applied Microbiology  
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Division of Applied Life Science Microorganism Function Research Field Applied Microbiology
Graduate School:
Doctoral Degree Course
Division of Sciences for Biofunction Development Biofunction Research Field Applied Microbiology

Subjects taught
Undergraduate Faculty Regulation of Microorganisms
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Advanced Course of Applied Microbiology
Academic Societies/Awards/Background
Background 2006-2008 Doctoral Researcher at Kyowa Hakko industrial Co., LTD.
2009-2017 Post-doctoral fellow at Ishikawa prefectural university
Academic Societies/
The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Primary Research
Research Fields E. coli transcriptional regulation
Keywords Supercoiling、Promoter engineering、Alkaloid、Microbial production
Research Topics
  • Elucidation of relations between DNA supercoiling and transcription

  • Engineering of gene expression

  • Material production using E. coli

Research Achievements
  • (73.4 kB)

Social Contributions
Areas of scientific/technological support/advice Gene expression in E. coli
Construction of a material production system in E. coli

Expectations of Students If you understand the importance of grasping happiness by yourself, you can enjoy your life by doing only what you want to do.
Teaching goals Inspiring something good for your life

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