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Ishikawa Prefectural University

Teaching Staff Information

Masami Sekine Professor

Degree:Doctorate of Science

  • E-mail: sekine[at]ishikawa-pu.ac.jp ※Please change [at] to @

Affiliated Departments
Undergraduate Faculty Department of Bioproduction Science Biological Sciences Group  
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Division of Bioproduction Science Basic Plant Production Research Field Plant Nutrition/Physiology
Graduate School:
Doctoral Degree Course
Division of Sciences for Bioproduction and Environment Bioproduction Science Research Field Plant Nutrition/Physiology

Subjects taught
Undergraduate Faculty Plant Physiology II, Laboratory Work in Inorganic Chemistry, Basic Experiment for Plant Production I
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Special Lecture for Bioresources and Environmental Sciences I, Special Lecture for Plant Molecular Biodynamics, Exercise for Bioproduction Science
Academic Societies/Awards/Background
Background Master program. Department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Science University of Tokyo
Doctoral program. Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Academic Societies/
American Society of Plant Biologists
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
The Botanical Society of Japan
Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Primary Research
Research Fields Plant Molecular physiology
Keywords cell cycle, cyclin, CDK, CDK inhibitor, rice, ABA, plant morphogenesis, environmental stress, flower formation, differentiation
Research Topics
  • Functional analysis of plant cell division and molecular breeding of food plants with higher productivity

  • Functional analysis of CDK inhibitor involved in plant cell division

  • Molecular analysis of floral organ mutant in rice

  • Molecular analysis of chalky grains in rice

Research Achievements

Social Contributions
Areas of scientific/technological support/advice Gene-targeted repression of plants by using artificial microRNA.
Transformation of useful gene in rice plants.
Previous accomplishments The lecturer for City College of Ishikawa Prefecture
Editor of Plant Biotechnology
The first Committee Member for Biology of National Center for University Entrance Examinations
Acting Committee Member for Science Grand Prix at High School of Ishikawa Prefecture

Expectations of Students Try hard to study and find many interesting things.
Teaching goals I would like the students to understand the basic knowledge for giving the seeds of thinking themselves.

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