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Ishikawa Prefectural University

Teaching Staff Information

Takasei Kusube Lecturer

Degree:Doctor of Engineering

  • E-mail: kusube[at]ishikawa-pu.ac.jp ※Please change [at] to @

Affiliated Departments
Undergraduate Faculty Research Institute for Bioresources and Biotechnology Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology  
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Division of Applied Life Science Environmental Biology Systems Research Field Environmental Systems Technology
Graduate School:
Doctoral Degree Course
Division of Sciences for Bioproduction and Environment Environmental Science Research Field Environmental Systems Technology

Subjects taught
Undergraduate Faculty Laboratory Work in Inorganic Chemistry
Exercises in Physics
Environmental Economics
Laboratory and Field Works in Environmental Analysis
Waste Management and Material Recycling

Environmental Economics
Environmental economics is learning which analyzes an environmental problem from the viewpoint of economics. This lecture explains the methodology of environmental economics in environmental policy using the simplified example.
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Advanced Course of Environmental Bio-system
Seminar on Applied Life ScienceⅣ
Special Lecture on Applied Life Science Ⅱ
Research Work on Applied Life Science
Academic Societies/Awards/Background
Background Researcher of Japan Science and Technology Agency
Academic Societies/
Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management
Society of Environmental Science, Japan
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan

Primary Research
Research Fields Environmental System Engineering
Keywords Environmental System, Recycling System of Organic Materials,
Sustainable Community, Biomass, Environmental Evaluation
Research Topics
  • Research on Reconstruction of Regional Recycling System of Organic Materials and Construction of Sustainable Communities based on Agricultural Production

    Currently, many waste products from food industry get recycled; with most food waste being converted into compost or animal feed. In addition to food waste, a growing amount of other kinds of organic waste, such as livestock excrement and wastewater sludge, are also being recycled into compost and fertilizer. In spite of this, the area of agricultural land to use such recycled material decreases.
    Despite the use of recycled material gaining traction, efforts to restrict and reduce waste during food production processes, distribution and retailing are generally lagging behind. The concept of resource recycling is not just about recycling; rather, the idea of sustainability holds that waste products need to be first reduced at the source, without solely relying on improvements in how food waste is recycled.
    In the end, it is our very own eating habits and lifestyles that have a huge impact on the origins of food recycling issues.
    Consequently, dealing with organic waste recycling problems requires not only recycling the waste, but also making improvements to our eating habits and lifestyles based on the concepts of “regional cooperation”, “local production for local consumption”, “effective biomass utilization” and “sustainable community.”
    In this research is aimed to examine from the viewpoint of the socioeconomic conditions and the environmental impacts for reconstruction of recycling system of organic materials.

  • Study of the Support for Environmental Activities

    In this present study, we focused on regional cooperation of civic group, university, local government and company as a measure to disposal of household garbage and biomass utilization. Especially, we address the development of non-electric garbage disposal equipment with regional company.

Research Achievements

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