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Ishikawa Prefectural University

Teaching Staff Information

Toshihiko Momose Associate Professor

Affiliated Departments
Undergraduate Faculty Department of Environmental Science, Utilization of Rural Resources Group  
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Division of Environmental Science
Graduate School:
Doctoral Degree Course
Division of Sciences for Bioproduction and Environment

Subjects taught
Undergraduate Faculty Soil Physics, Soil Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Soil Physics Lab, Environmental Engineering Exercise
Graduate School:
Master’s Degree Course
Advances Course of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences II, Advanced Course of Utilization of Rural Resources, Seminar on Environmental Science III
Academic Societies/Awards/Background
Background Tokyo Riko co. Ltd.; Saint Mary’s University, Faculty of Science; Bavarian Environment Agency, Division of Geological Survey
Academic Societies/
Japanese Society of Soil Physics

Primary Research
Research Fields Soil Physics
Keywords Monitoring of farmland environment, Shallow geothermal energy, Soil thermal properties, Sensor manufacturing
Research Topics
  • Use of shallow geothermal energy for agriculture

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